Daffodils Continue to Enchant

Daffodils in the spring garden. Photo (c) Hilda M. Morrill
Daffodils in the spring garden. Photo (c) Hilda M. Morrill

The daffodils continue to enchant as do the snowdrops, crocuses and hyacinths. Joining them are some of the hellebores, bloodroot and Jeffersonia.

Warm days have encouraged us to work in the garden and survey just how much damage was done by the record setting snow and ice.

Sadly we now see damage from a different source. A few days ago, hubby and I helplessly watched as six deer munched on some of our yews and holly bushes. Will have to research and decide what to do going forward.

The garden is a veritable zoo. Also recently spotted: raccoons, turkeys and a groundhog, not counting the squirrels and chipmunks. Can’t forget the neighborhood black cat that comes back year after year. Have no idea to whom he belongs, but at least we’ve been able to keep him out of our small vegetable garden with some fencing and netting.

We are told that the pollen count will be higher this year and that the threat of even more dangerous ticks make Massachusetts one of the five worst states for Lyme disease.

Hubby has taken out the hoses from the cellar and filled the birdbaths. It’s so much fun to watch our feathered friends enjoying themselves as they splash about.