Spring Has Sprung

Daffodils surrounded by scillas. (Photo (c) by Hilda M. Morrill)
Daffodils surrounded by scillas. (Photo (c) by Hilda M. Morrill)

As I write, I’m celebrating the first day of Spring, also known as the Spring Equinox. I’m anxious because we are expecting a snowstorm tonight.

Daffodils, scillas and crocuses are in bloom in the garden and we hope that the snowfall is gentle and not too wet so that the blossoms are not damaged so much. All the blossoms are earlier than I remember. Even the forsythias are ready to burst into color.

Next Sunday is Easter Sunday and we’ve actually seen our first rabbit of the season.

We are very excited about the wonderful and generous offer to members of the media from Renee’s Garden Seeds to select some samples to trial in our own gardens. Among our choices are pole green beans ‘Emerite Filet’, pickling cucumbers ‘Endeavor’, Romaine lettuces ‘Caesar Duo’ and ‘Jericho’, zucchini squash ‘Astia’, radishes ‘Crimson Punch’ and spinach ‘Summer Perfection’. Also on our list are ‘Heirloom Pepperbox’ poppies, cleome ‘Color Fountains’, and cosmos ‘Rose BonBon’ and ‘KneeHigh Sonata’.

Speaking of seeds, I also look forward to sowing some poppy seeds given to me by noted garden writer/blogger Kathy Purdy. Some friends tell me that they have had good luck sprinkling poppy seeds directly on fallen snow in an area where they want the plants to grow.

So, maybe the snow won’t be so bad, after all. We’ll see!

Sincere thanks to Renee Shepherd and Kathy Purdy. Be sure to visit their websites at  www.ReneesGarden.com and www.ColdClimateGardening.com. You’ll be glad you did!