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Red-leaf coleus in the July garden. (Photo (c) Hilda M. Morrill)

The July Garden

Gorgeous daylilies are in full bloom as is the glorious pink bee balm (Monarda). We have not found it to be invasive and the hummingbirds sure do love its flowers.

Also blooming are some of the hydrangeas, at least those that were not destroyed by the crazy spring thaws and freezes.

Among our favorite annuals are some pink fibrous rooted begonias, red-leaf coleus and Japanese shisu that seeded itself from last year...

July 29, 2016

Saturday, July 30 in Boylston
Pesto, Pistou, Pound: Herbal Sauces and Pastes - Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Sunday, July 31 in Boylston
Floral Crowns and Headpieces - Class - Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Tuesday, August 02 - Tuesday, August 02 in Jamaica Plain
From Seed to Tree - Arnold Arboretum - Free Tour

Tuesday, August 02 in Stockbridge (departure point)
Large and Small: Two Gardens that Take Their Cues from the Connecticut Landscape

Wednesday, August 03 - Wednesday, August 24 in Stockbridge
The Garden in Watercolors: Session 2 - En Plein Air Watercolor Painting in the Summer Garden

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A bee visits a daylily blossom. (Photo (c) Hilda M. Morrill)

Gardening with Perennials

Perennials are easy-to-grow, dependable and offer such a wealth of different colors, shapes, textures and sizes that they have become the backbone of many gardens.

Unlike annuals, which need to be replanted each spring, in general, perennials return each year with a zest of new growth and beauty.

Herbaceous perennials die back to the ground during winter and regrow from the roots the next year. So don't panic if you don't see stems in the early spring...


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