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Winter moths appear as "brown confetti" around front door in daytime. Photo (c) Hilda M. Morrill

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In addition to our outdoor decorations of wreaths, greens and berries, our house seems to be covered with winter moths. They are especially visible in the evenings around the front-door light... Read More...


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February 01, 2015

Tuesday, February 03 in Andover
Tree and People Hugging - Lecture - Andover Garden Club

Wednesday, February 04 in Cambridge
Humans and Wildlife: The New Imbalance - Free Lecture

Wednesday, February 04 in Boston
Searching for the Histories of Boston's Public Garden - Lecture

Wednesday, February 04 - Friday, February 06 in Boston
New England Grows Conference & Expo

Friday, February 06 - Sunday, February 08 in Boston
The Boston Globe Travel Show

Saturday, February 07 in Acton
Winter Carnival at NARA Park

Saturday, February 07 in Milton
Wakefield Estate Workshop on Raising Your Own Chickens

Saturday, February 07 in Wellesley
Meditations In Ink: An Introduction to Asian Brush Painting - Mass Hort Society - Workshop

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Holiday Kissing Ball (Photo courtesy of Jackson & Perkins)

A New Twist on an Historic Tradition

According to a recent Jackson & Perkins press release, decorating with fresh-cut evergreens has been a beloved tradition for centuries and still is today.

An evergreen accent that's increasing in popularity is the kissing ball, which has its origins in the Middle Ages.

Villagers would create ball-shaped ornaments made of twine and evergreen branches. In the center, they would place a clay figure of an infant representing the baby Jesus.

Called "holy boughs," they were hung from the ceiling along passages in castles and large houses. They were said to render blessings to those who passed beneath...


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