‘Endless Summer’ Hydrangeas Enchant

'Endless Summer' hydrangeas enchant. (Photo (c) Hilda M. Morrill)
‘Endless Summer’ hydrangeas enchant. (Photo (c) Hilda M. Morrill)

We are told that ‘Endless Summer’ hydrangeas bloom much longer than average hydrangea macrophylla plants and do well in colder climates since they are able to bloom on the current season’s new growth. This year’s blooms on our plants are not disappointing for sure.

Many colorful daylilies are also outstanding in our midsummer garden.

Sadly, although the bee balm (Monarda) blossoms have been large and colorful, we’ve hardly had any humming birds visit them as in past years.

A gorgeous bright red cardinal, however, has made many visits. He keeps trying to build a nest, which ordinarily we would encourage. But, we gently keep removing his efforts with an extended pole, since he keeps coming back to where the electric power lines enter our home, under the roof overhang.

Rascally squirrels are still digging up the gardens and containers even though we keep sprinkling lots of black ground pepper and red pepper flakes around. I still remember the year that some of the red pepper flakes “germinated.” I let some grow and ended up with some baby peppers! I must try to find the photos I took at the time.

Our weeds are really healthy and doing very well. Especially amazing are the morning glories and autumn clematis, which we designated as “weeds” years ago when they re-seeded everywhere and tried to take over the world. Although no longer allowed to grow and dug up every time one of their plants is discovered, it’s amazing how sneaky they are.

The sad part, of course, is that the flowers are really beautiful and in the case of the autumn clematis, their fragrance is lovely. Yes, I did plant them on purpose way back when. But it’s no fun to yank out a thick vine that has grown through an azalea shrub, seemingly overnight.

Now that the Kousa dogwoods have shed their beautiful blossom petals, it won’t be long before their lovely green berries enlarge and ultimately turn into a photographic red color. I’ll be sure to report back!

Much has been written about the new Encore Boston Harbor Casino, which recently opened in Everett, Mass. While some friends tell me they want to go there to gamble, I am fascinated by what I read in one of the Boston newspapers: The resort boasts “55,000 flowering annuals, 100,000 shrubs and 1,000 trees throughout.”

Maybe a midsummer horticultural adventure is in my future!