Landscape Design Council Presents Awards

Carolyn Weston, Director of the Flower & Garden Show, congratulates Paul Miskovksy at the Preview Party regarding the LDC Award. Photo (c) Hilda M. Morrill
Carolyn Weston, Director of the Flower & Garden Show, congratulates Paul Miskovksy at the Preview Party regarding the LDC Award. Photo (c) Hilda M. Morrill

The Landscape Design Council (LDC) of Massachusetts presented three awards at the 2015 Boston Flower & Garden Show recently held at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. The winners were: Miskovsky Landscaping, jointly with Haskell Nursery; Magma Design Group, Inc.; and the Massachusetts Horticultural Society.

The LDC panel of judges was made up of LDC board members Jana Milbocker of Holliston, Mary Bowen Nokes of Lexington, and Frances Wheeler of West Boxford. Linda Corapi of Stoneham served as clerk.

Landscape Design Award I, bestowed for excellence in landscape design of a professional garden exhibit, was presented jointly to Miskovsky Landscaping and Haskell Nursery. Designed to show that one doesn’t need a large space to create a beautiful garden, their exhibit included 100 plant varieties exhibiting varying forms, textures, and colors; stone pathways with a 6′-wide granite waterwheel fountain; and a resting area festooned, and roofed, with plants.

Landscape Design Award II, given for the effective use of garden ornaments, water features, specimen trees, or topiary in creating good design, was awarded to Magma Design Group, Inc., for the exhibit “Feathers and Wedges.” The exhibit’s intent was to “celebrate working with stone in unique and artful ways.” Designed to demonstrate wall building, stone shaping, and granite splitting, the exhibit also included finished stone pieces, including a stunning arch that dripped water from the top, creating a curtain of droplets in front of a vertical backdrop of ferns.

The LDC’s Emily Seaber Parcher Award is given for excellence in landscape design of a naturalistic garden of less than 1,000 square feet. “An Enchanted New England Woodland Walk,” the winning exhibit by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, transitioned from a rustic backyard seating area into a woodland filled with interesting plants, a vernal pool, stone walls, and the occasional whimsical woodland dweller.

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About the Winners

Miskovsky Landscaping of Falmouth, is headed by Paul Miskovksy, who blends an extensive knowledge of plants with the ability to sculpt landscapes using powerful machinery. A 1984 graduate in commercial floriculture from UMASS Stockbridge, Miskovsky has been practicing his craft for approximately 30 years. Haskell Nursery in Fairhaven, is headed by well-known plantsman David Haskell.

Headquartered in Rehoboth, Magma Design Group designs and constructs landscapes that offer fresh perspectives, solve problems, and meet budgetary needs. Each project begins with an understanding of the environmental, cultural, and historical conditions of a site, and the needs of the client. Design solutions are considered within the context of sustainable design and construction practices with the goal of creating a landscape that blends seamlessly into the environment.

Founded in 1829, the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, headquartered at Elm Bank in Wellesley, is dedicated to encouraging the science and practice of horticulture and developing the public’s enjoyment, appreciation, and understanding of plants and the environment.

The Landscape Design Council of Massachusetts

Organized in 1963, the Landscape Design Council (LDC) of Massachusetts operates under the auspices of National Garden Clubs, Inc. and is a special-subjects group of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. The purpose of LDC is to provide ongoing landscape-design education through speakers, workshops, and tours of outstanding public and private areas. The Massachusetts chapter is the largest Council in the US. It provides judges for the Boston Flower & Garden Show and presents three landscape-design awards of its own.

For more information about LDC, contact chairman Tinka Zeitvogel at 781-237-7299 or

Thank you to Frances Wheeler for her press release, some of which we have used in this posting.